Robert W. Snyder JD MPH

Successful Litigation and Tax Attorney, Strategist and Acquisition Advisor

Robert success as an attorney and advisor to growth-minded business owners spans industries including healthcare, technology and entertainment. A successful entrepreneur in his own right, Robert founded a $100M company focused on asset acquisition, has served as General Counsel to venture capital and media companies and is a mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Learn from an Expert Who Understands the Challenges of Growth

Simplicity and clarity are best, even in the most complex transactions. Robert W. Snyder’s legal career includes experience as an administrative judge, general counsel, private practice attorney and asset acquisition specialist who built a $100M company with more than 30 outpatient surgery centers which he sold before shifting his focus to growing businesses in search of capital. His passion for working with entrepreneurs in all stages of development makes him the ideal advocate for any future-focused business.

Time spent carefully considering a business decision is always time well spent.

Robert W. Snyder JD